Conner's Hobbies



Hey, My name is Conner Yahres and im from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.. I lived for a few years and then moved to Beaufort South Carolina in the sixth grade. I graduated from

Battery Creek High School in Beaufort. Here is a link to my high school web page if youd like to know more about it. My High School I played baseball there all four years and also played drums in the drumline. Ive been playing baseball since i was 6 and drums since the sixth grade. Those are two things i love to do in my free time. Anouther thing that i find entertaining is the great outdoors. I love to fish the flats around my house and i take my kayak out on trips all the time. I fish the salt water alot and perfer too, but fresh water fishing is always fun too when you get the chance. I love to go off roading in my jeeo as well for fun. I own a 1999 jeep cherokee sport with a 4.5 inch lift kit on it. I run 33 inch pro comp mx2 mud terrain tires with mikey thompson black out 15 inch rims. Under the hood i installed a K&N cold air intake with a 2 inch throttle body spacer for max air flow to the engine. To take all the exhaust out the back i have flowmaster super 40 cat back system that gives me just enough power and sound for my liking. On the inside i have a a after market head unit on my stero thats made by JVC. I also installed a switch near the gear shifter for my 45 inch, 184,000 lumen, all weather lightbar. It produces a ton of light at night to light up the trails like its daylight. My headlights are HID 8k headlights with smoked turn signals and blacked letters on all door panels. You can find many of these products of this website that ive provided. Just follow the link! 4 Wheel Parts Some other hobbies of mine are working out and staying active. Its always a great feeling to treat your body right, you get stronger and more athletic as you train more and more. The harder you go in the gym, the better resaults you'll get in the end. These are just some of the few hobbies and interests i like and do regularly.